Monthly Archives: July 2017

Water Can Help Beat The Heat

These are the dog days of summer. Temperatures above 90 every day, some days pushing triple digits, and overnight lows offering little relief from the heat and humidity. Dehydration from the heat is a concern, particularly for athletes or those who work outside. But extended periods of heat like this can have an impact on…
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Coffee Can Help You Live Longer

Good news Coffee Drinkers! Two recent studies have supported what we have believed for a long time - drinking moderate amounts of coffee may actually help you live longer! The results of both studies have just been released, and both concluded that coffee drinking is associated with a reduced risk of death. The study in…
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Host Coffee Is Family-Owned

Host Coffee has been serving businesses since 1972 since Bill Schultz began providing the service to businesses in the Omaha area. Today, Bill's son Scott is president. In addition to its coffee service, the company has expanded to include complete water services as well as vending and micro markets. While the business has grown, the…
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