Monthly Archives: September 2017

National Coffee Day

Friday, September 29, 2017 is National Coffee Day - one of our favorite days of the year! In honor of this great day, we have some fun facts about coffee to share with you! Coffee is the second most traded goods in the world, second to oil. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Alzheimer's…
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Need Another Reason For a Micro Market?

Need another reason to consider a Micro Market for your office? Consider this....... Offering convenient, healthy food options to your employees means they don't have to leave the office for lunch. Providing a common space for lunch or breaks will foster team-building and comradery among your employees, boosting morale and shaping your company culture. ¬†…
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Giving Back To The Omaha Community

Our Micro Markets offer¬† fresh, healthy food options that are delivered daily. We are committed to providing quality products to our clients, and we are also committed to doing our part to eliminate waste and the prevalence of hunger in our community. Each week, Host Coffee donates several hundred pounds of fresh food that has…
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