Be Heart Healthy with Host Coffee

Heart-HealthMonthFebruary is Heart Health Month! Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America, with more than 700,000 people suffering a heart attack in the U.S. every year. Among the many factors that contribute to our heart health, a healthy lifestyle is one the easiest to control – and Host Coffee can help!

Adopting a heart healthy lifestyle, including exercise and diet, is a strong factor in preventing heart disease. One simple step you can take towards a healthier heart is to replace sugary sodas with water. Keeping your body hydrated with water allows your heart to more easily pump water through your body, energizing you and making you healthier! Contact Host Coffee to learn about our water service!

A Micro Market from Host Coffee can also improve your heart health! Here are some of the options you can add to your micro market that make it easier to eat healthier:

  • Salads and sandwiches made daily with fresh ingredients
  • Fruit juices and bottled water are alternatives to soda pop
  • Healthy options such as fresh fruit, granola bars and nuts are a convenient snack
  • Low-fat, fat-free and gluten-free snack options are available

You can learn more about healthy eating habits from the American Heart Association here.

February  is recognized as Heart Health Month by organizations dedicated to healthy hearts, including the American Heart Association and The Heart Foundation. Both encourage us to learn more about heart-healthy choices and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Installing a micro market makes is easy and convenient for your employees and visitors to make healthy choices throughout the day. And your Host Coffee micro market can be completely customized to include the food and drink options you choose. Call us today at 402-339-0440 to learn about adding a micro market or water service to your office today!


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