January is Hot Tea Month

hot tea month - january

January is National Hot Tea Month! Did you know that in addition to delicious coffee, Host Coffee also provides a full tea service for clients in all of Nebraska, Eastern Iowa and Southeast South Dakota?

We think January is a great time to shine the spotlight on the benefits of tea!

Tea is the second most consumed beverage on Earth. The history of tea dates back to China around 2737 BC.

The Tea Association of the U.S.A. reports that tea has many health benefits. Among those benefits are:

  • Tea contains many antioxidants, helping you ward off illnesses and stay healthy
  • Tea contains less caffeine than alcohol and therefore has less of an impact on the nervous system
  • Research shows that tea can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Tea helps boost mental clarity
  • Drinking tea supports the immune system because it contain theanine

In addition to tea being good for you – it’s also delicious! Host Coffee carries a variety of high-quality teas Bigelow, Tetley, Celestial Seasonings, Tazo and Lipton. Call us today to learn more – and happy Hot Tea Month!


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