Micro Markets Aren’t Just for Food!

Winter hasn’t officially started, but we’ve already had a few bouts of snow and days when the temps don’t reach above freezing. Winter is here - and we have many weeks of cold and snow to look forward to! It’s the time of year when you’ll do anything to avoid unnecessary trips outside. Lucky for you, a micro market can help.

You already know that micro markets offer fresh food, drink and snack options, eliminating the need to leave the building to get a healthy lunch. Located in your building with convenient self-pay options have made micro markets popular with employees and employers.

But the convenience of micro markets doesn’t end there. In addition to healthy food and drink options, micro markets can be stocked with everyday items that are frequently forgotten. Avoid the trip to the store on your way home from work by stopping by the micro market in your building for everyday needs.

Here are just some of the non-food items that can be made available in your micro markets:

  • Umbrellas, phone chargers and earbuds
  • Vitamins, energy supplements and protein products
  • Housekeeping needs such as cleaners, paper towels, trash bags and stain sticks
  • Personal items including hairbrushes, deodorant and toilet paper
  • Mouthwash, lip balms, lotions, toothpaste and toothbrush and pain relievers

Contact the micro market experts at Host Coffee to learn more about the fresh food and non-food options that can be available in your micro market. Cold temperatures and winter weather conditions won’t keep you from enjoying healthy food options and necessity items when you need them!

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