Is Vending or a Micro Market Right For Your Office?

If you are considering adding food options to your office space or upgrading existing vending options, and a full-service kitchen or cafeteria is not an option, a micro market may be the perfect solution for your office. Host Coffee has been managing micro markets in the Omaha area since 2013 and we anticipate installing our…
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Why Your Employees Will Love A Micro Market

Micro markets offer many benefits that make them popular with employers. They require less space than a traditional cafeteria, utilize less energy, and require very little maintenance and upkeep. But micro markets offer many benefits that make them just as popular with employees! Here are some of the top reasons why your employees will love…
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Customized Micro Markets Fit Any Space

One of the things we love the most about micro markets are their flexibility, which makes them feasible in almost any space. Adding a micro market to your office space is a cost-effective alternative to a full cafeteria, while still offering a full line of fresh, healthy foods. If you have considered adding a food…
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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

You may drink coffee because you love the smell or taste, and it gives you the boost you need to start your morning. At Host Coffee, we love coffee for all those reasons, plus many more! Did you know that drinking coffee might actually be good for your health? Here are 10 health benefits to…
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