Resolve to Be Healthier in 2019 with Host Coffee


It is that time of year again when everyone seems to be talking about fad diets and gym memberships – anything to get healthier. While we may have the best intention of sticking to our resolutions, as many of 80% of our resolutions fail. We set unrealistic goals, we aren’t ready to make a change, or we lack the right environment for success, and as a result our changes don’t stick!

Creating an environment for success is a key factor is achieving your goals. If your resolution is to be healthier in 2019 – Host Coffee can help!

Adding a Micro Market from Host Coffee is the perfect way to create an environment that will make adopting a healthier lifestyle easier. Micro markets offer fresh, healthy food and drink options that are delivered daily. Fresh fruits, salads and sandwiches are a healthier and less expensive alternative to fast-food options, and the convenience of a micro market in your building make it easier to stick with a long-term lifestyle change.

Research repeatedly points to drinking 8 cups of water a day in order to be healthier. Host Coffee’s water service can help you get and stay healthier by making regular water-drinking part of your daily routine. Our water is delicious and convenient – you will have no problem increasing your water intake!

And we can’t forget about coffee! Researchers and medical professionals continue to tout the health benefits of drinking coffee in moderation daily. Everything from reducing heart disease and stroke risks to increasing fiber, protecting against Parkinson’s, and contributing to longevity. Not to mention coffee is delicious!

Give us a call today and let Host Coffee help you get and stay healthier in 2019!



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