World Health Day


Today is World Health Day – a day of awareness and recognition of global health issues.

At Host Coffee, we want to help you make your health a priority. Our services make it easy for you to make small changes that will improve your health:

  • Water: Health experts tout the health benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, ranging from increased energy to weight loss, and our delicious, convenient water makes it easy for you to reach the goal of 8 glasses a day.
  • Coffee: research suggests that drinking coffee every day can decrease your risk of heart disease, increase energy and improve your overall health. Daily coffee intake is easy with our coffee service, which includes a wide variety of brands and flavors.
  • Micro Market: Our micro markets offer fresh healthy food and drink options daily, making it easy for you to make good choices when it comes to snack and meal time.

On World Health Day – and every day – you should make your health a priority. Call Host Coffee to learn more about making simple choices to improve your health.

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